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General Holistic
Nutritional and Orthopedic Medicine

 • Reconstructive Prolotherapy
 • Neural Therapy
 • Immune Systems
 • Weight Loss

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Services Highlights
  • We are a K1 Whole Body Vibration
    Machine authorized sales location.
    Useful for a variety of discomforts. Ask!
  • Do you have pain in one or many joints?
    Prolotherapy may be able to help where
    traditional Western Medicine has not.
    Visit the Services page for more info.
From Dr. Steinberg
   May 2013
   After a period of evaluation, we are
   happy to share that the primary office
   location is once again Huntington,
   New York. We will miss our friends in
   Hudson! As always, Dr. Steinberg is
   available for phone consultations too.

   New Phone Number:
   (631) 470-4317
(631) 470-4317   •    Located in Huntington, New York - Phone Consultation Available    •    © Harold D. Steinberg 2013
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